About Us

The original idea was to create a web site that offered the absolute best web. Aspirations have evolved, and in addition to offering the best selection, we mainly sell furniture, our products are Bookshelf, Chairs, Other Furniture, Swivel barstool and Tables. With the goal to be the company that provides the absolute best service online -- not just in furniture products, but in any category.

So here is the vision:

  • One day, 30% of all retail transactions in the world will be online.
  • People will buy from the company with the best service and the best selection.
  • Zhongteous.com will be that online store.

We believe that the speed at which a customer receives an online purchase plays a very important role in how that customer thinks about shopping online again in the future, so at zhongteous.com, we have put a lot of focus on making sure the items get delivered to our customers as quickly as possible. In order to do that, we warehouse everything that we sell, and unlike most other online retailers, we don't make an item available for sale unless it is physically present in our warehouse.